Thursday, February 16, 2012

Streaming the London WC WTP Final

Option 1:  The “International Grey-Area

Download the installer and install expatshield with all options set to yes (this program assigns you a UK IP address so you can stream the BBC content)
You can safely uninstall it after your finished watching.

19:00 GMT (11:00 PST)

Option 2: “The Russian Solution


I have tried Option 1. It seems to work just fine.
I am, however, intrigued by anything Russian; so, Option 2 is tempting.

My only advice is to figure it by about 10am PST, because you never really know when these things will actually get started.

(If both of these options totally shit the bed, you can always suffer through the Tissot Timing feed. It is super stressful to watch, but it is as real-time as you get.)


  1. Not super-confident about Option 2.
    I would stick with Option 1.

  2. I can attest to Tissot Timing Stress. Watching Mical on that thing overseas makes me ILL


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