Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday Hustle - Results

The Hustler's podium at The Fernwood Inn
Big ups to all the Holiday Hustlers who braved the winter weather for the final race of the Capital City Cycles Summer Race Series on Sunday, December 18!

Here are the results:

1. Parker Bloom (fixed)
2. Geoff Robson (geared)
3. Leif Keithley (geared)
4. Halldor Gunnarsson (fixed)
5. Derek Kidd (ss)
6. Tom Skinner (geared)
7. Malcolm Faulkner (geared)
8. Clay Webb (fixed)
9. Andy Achuff (geared)
10. Trevor Gilbertson (fixed)
11. Cam Smith (ss)

Huge thanks go out to

  • Dan Leonard for making the race happen,
  • Mike Colwill for the gracious hosting, amazing food and seemingly endless supply of delicious beverages at The Fernwood Inn
  • Angus, Kaitlin, Eiry, Jeff , Jay and Adele for volunteering their Sunday to stand outside in the cold and wait for you all to roll by. 

Stay tuned for a complete Holiday Hustle race report and final Summer Series point standings!

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