Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bridge Battle 4 Recap

Last Saturday, Halldor and I set out to Vancouver to race in the fourth installment of the legendary Bridge Battle Alleycat.

Team 7-Eleven or Team Stuckylife? 5am coffee stop enroute to the ferry.

The Pat Bay Highway at 5am Saturday was not an inviting scene.

Brandon was kind enough to escort us far enough to snap the above photo of the Pat Bay before disappearing into the snow storm.

We discovered that while BC Ferries employees as a whole are unfriendly in the morning, they still manage to play some epic music while docking.

At noon around 25 cyclists converged on the west side of Granville Island for Bridge Battle 4

Although the snow gave way to sunshine, a combination of lack-of-sleep, shitty ferry food, poor Vancouver navigation skills, and heavy winds kept the racing tough.

Luckily, our good friend Cody, showed us some solid routes (that is, when we could keep up with his salmoning and fence hopping). By the time we reached the 2nd Narrows Bridge, my road cleats were clogged with ice and my legs were officially fucked.

Naturally, Halldor showed no weakness and pulled us all the way across the Lion's Gate to the finish at Super Champion.

Super Champion played host to the awards: Halldor and I walked away with a tube and a single can of PBR. While there was no spokecards for this race I did score a new pair of Cinelli kicks from our morning visit to Strada.

Big thanks to Duncan Lewis and the Vancouver Crew for putting on an awesome event! We will be back soon.

Photos courtesy of Halldor

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