Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moth Attack!

Photo by Prolly.

When I was in LA a few months back, I was lucky enough to check out good friend, and vegan track sprinter, Jack Lindquist's new Ritte Racing x Moth Attack track frame.

Jack's girlfriend, Megan Dean, is the brains and the brawn behind Moth Attack, an LA-based framebuilding company specializing in "lugged and fillet-brazed steel frame sets." 

Jack at Interbike 2011 with his custom Ritte Racing x Moth Attack track frame. Photo by Prolly.

Check out for more info and photos.

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  1. Note he's riding Look Pedals with hold fast straps so he doesn't unclip with his huge power!

    Also dope and noteworthy is he is rocking the DVS/Cinelli shoes...Gangster!


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