Friday, November 4, 2011

KAZ World Cup - Women's Points Race Final

Photo courtesy of the CCA
Victoria's own Gillian Carleton finished fourth in the Points Race this morning at the 2011 Astana Track Cycling World Cup - even after a crash took her out off of the podium (along with a significant portion of her skin and new CCA skinsuit). Bad-ass.

Here are the final results of today's Women's Points Race from the 2011 Astana Track Cycling World Cup.
This is what Gillian had to say to me last night a few hours before the race:
This is my chance to prove that I belong here, and if I follow my race plan, and use my speed and size on the track to my advantage, I will have a successful race.

My goal is to win sprints, attack when the pace is the hardest, and ride everyone else into the ground. If I can finish the race knowing there was nothing else I could have done and no more effort I could possibly have given, then I will be happy, regardless of the result.
Spoken like a true champion.

We are all so proud of you, Gillian!


  1. I can't wait to find some footage from this race!

  2. A little different then a GVVA race, nobody won more then 1 Sprint. Less then half got points more then once. I'd say she raced her plan. No doubt she belongs there.

    Way to introduce yourself to the world Gillian!

  3. Gillian just called: she sounds great! She wanted to thank all of her friends back here for their continued support and warm wishes.

    Thank you!!!

  4. Holy crap, she's hardcore! She deserves all this and future successes. A world class athlete Canada can be proud of. Hope she recovers soon.


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