Friday, November 4, 2011

KAZ World Cup - Women's Points Race Final

Photo courtesy of the CCA
Victoria's own Gillian Carleton finished fourth in the Points Race this morning at the 2011 Astana Track Cycling World Cup - even after a crash took her out off of the podium (along with a significant portion of her skin and new CCA skinsuit). Bad-ass.

Here are the final results of today's Women's Points Race from the 2011 Astana Track Cycling World Cup.
This is what Gillian had to say to me last night a few hours before the race:
This is my chance to prove that I belong here, and if I follow my race plan, and use my speed and size on the track to my advantage, I will have a successful race.

My goal is to win sprints, attack when the pace is the hardest, and ride everyone else into the ground. If I can finish the race knowing there was nothing else I could have done and no more effort I could possibly have given, then I will be happy, regardless of the result.
Spoken like a true champion.

We are all so proud of you, Gillian!