Monday, August 22, 2011

Return to the 36 Chambers Alleycat Race Recap

Gangster as hell.
The season's burliest alleycat went off surprisingly well this past Saturday, with a startlist of close to 30 riders, a 2 hour & 15 min. time limit, and 36 checkpoints located all over darkest Esquimalt and Victoria downtown.

To further complicate things, Return to the 36 Chambers had 5 roving checkpoints: bring a 40oz. to the finish, grab a Chinese Food takeout menu, find & finish with an ATM receipt with a balance exceeding $1000, rent (or buy/ steal/ borrow) a Kung-Fu flick and finish with it, and purchase/ bring a pack of Rizzlas across the line.

Anthony & Oliver, Fort St. Cycles' dreamboat mechanics destroyed the field, showcasing a deep knowledge of Wu-Tang, Esquimalt, and a will to win. 2.5 min back, wearing a huge smile, Derek Kidd came across the line with an equal and impressive number of checkpoints. In third finishing position, Andrew F. had a blistering race time as usual, completing his ride with 27 of 36 checkpoints.
Carving a circuitous route through Victoria's shadiest spots, James Bay local and all around badass, Renny Mcclure deserves special mention for a well raced effort, and being just shy of a podium finish. Next alleycat he'll be on the hunt for blood.
Every racer, whether 2, 9, or 29 checkpoints completed, raced really well given the ridiculousness of the manifest. Well done.
For those curious, we’ve posted a mapmyride listing all 36 checkpoints.

The volunteers, as always, made this thing go off. Please give them a hug, or buy beer next time you see them.
A massive 'thank you' goes out to the fine people at Picnic Coffee, WhiteBird Lounge, and Bean Around the World, for staying late, playing hip-hop, and putting up with frantic racers. And as always, Jeff at Capital City Cycles, the metaphorical talking giant kung-fu rat to our scene.

Capital City Cycles Summer Race Series updated standings to follow...

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