Friday, July 15, 2011

Harbour Road Sprints vol. 4 - Results and Photos

Everyone attended the clinic for different reasons...
We meant to post this two months ago, so without further adieu:

This past Friday, a record number of 41 racers congregated under sunny skies for the fourth installment of the Harbour Road Sprints. Races were contested on carbon-fiber hardtails, steel track bikes, Dura-Ace equipped road machines, and everything in between.

The Clinic:

First off, big ups to Dave Shishkoff for starting off the evening with a brief, yet informative clinic on how to start quickly from a stand-still (hint: in the drops!), and not drop your fellow racers when holding their bikes. For those of you who may have missed the clinic, or want a quick re-cap before the next race, Dave has very kindly compiled all his training tips here. Thanks, Dave!

The Format:

This week, four repechage heats for those riders eliminated in the first round gave racers a second chance to ride their way into the next round, and thrilled spectators with some of the evening's most tactical and exciting (read: dangerous) races. Look to see this exciting new format implemented for May 27th's Hotel Grand Pacific Harbour Sprints.

The Final:

The final three-man sprint was the closest yet, with Andrew Ferguson outpacing his rivals Marty Machacek and Mike Elkink by a narrow margin to take the victory. Then, with a bike throw worthy of any professional track sprinter, Marty took second place by the width of a tire. Watch the final race here.

All-age groupers.

1. Andrew Ferguson
2. Marty Machacek
3. Mike Elkink

Our three finalists scored some fantastic prizes, with Andrew and Marty taking home gift certificates to Shine Cafe. Mike was the lucky winner of a Giro cycling cap, courtesy of Capital City Cycles.

Stay tuned for updated points standings!

Joele, Andy and Drew.
All fast.

Sooper-fast men.

That's nice.
Pair o' Skinners.

Samuel and Gillian holdin' it down.
Rennys in the repechage.

Dave Shishkoff: Friend of Animals, clinician.

700 x 20: Josh is half-way there.

Andrew McCartney

I really hope his face just stays like this one day...

Parker on pink...and pretty.

The Smith Family Awesome.
Hustlers. Each and every one of them.
Dave, Paul, Jeff and Shawn.

A nervous Halldor is a dangerous Halldor.

Thanks again to Tanya Berg for snapping tonight's photos!

Be sure to also check out Jamie Cameron's flickr album from the night. 

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