Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friday Night Race Report!

Photo by Dan Leonard
via GVVA News
July 22 Keirin Races
Friday was our first Keirin night in 3 years, and all races were exciting and action-packed, as expected from high-speed Keirin racing!

Our numbers weren't nearly as high as Monday (25 vs 18), but luckily the they rounded out so we had 4-7 racers in each of the A, B and C categories, and we had three rounds of Keirin races after opening the night with a Neutralized Scratch Race (15 laps neutralized, riding as a bunch, and the last 6 laps are 'open'.) We hope and need to see more riders out for our Friday racing programs!

The C's saw Peg Labiuk(Ind) outsprint the C's, including James Pauly(Tripleshot) who had to settle for 2nd for all three rounds.

GVVA VP Mike Cooper(Dr Walker) was working towards a hat trick as well, but Jimmy Holtz(Dr Walker) shut him out in the 3rd round, keeping ahead of the charging masses. Simon Cicceri(O2) managed a hat trick, but it was all twos.

In the A's, Vegan Dave(OrganicAthlete) edged out Captain Chris(Ind) in the first round. Gavin Eaton(Tripleshot) earned his first track win in the 2nd round with Gillian Carleton(Oak Bay Bikes) hot on his heels and now racing
with the A's. In the 3rd round Vegan Dave attacked a slow-moving pack and held off a fast-charging Jamie Cameron(ProCity) at the line in the hotly contested A finale.

-Dave Shishkoff

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