Friday, June 10, 2011

Hotel Grand Pacific Harbour Sprint Series - Round 2 Photos

Clay Webb and Andy Achuff - perfectly matched sprinters.
Action from the second round of the Hotel Grand Pacific Harbour Sprints Series was captured yet again by photographer Jon Lake this past Friday, June 3, 2011.

Huge thanks to Mr. Smith and The Shrew for keeping racers and spectators alike entertained with thumping bass beats (and the occasional dubstep track), and to Ken Gordon, MC, for his humourous and crowd-pleasing commentary.


Check out the series after the jump.

Belleville Street: The calm before the storm.
Jeff Mitchell of Capital City Cycles surveys the scene.  

I am putting this gorgeous photo of Brian Park up as my profile photo on Korean Cupid.
Mr. Smith
Tools of the trade.
Erik Lyon and Mike Morrison.
Rob Fawcett - VICF visionary.
Ken Gordon, MC: of the Street, on the Level.
Cam Smith fuels the jets.
 Send this to Prolly; he will probably post it.
Caption contest # 1:

Travis Bower
Roland Rabien
Bean-poles behind bean-poles.
Will Maartman
Marshaling/triage area
That can't be Derek Kidd; he's wearing cycling shoes.
Craig Richey
[Above-the-knee shorts] + [DIY Jersey] + [Backward cycling cap] = Dave Kennedy
Andrew Sherry
Ken Gordon and Gillian Carleton set the pace and pulled the strings.
Mr. Smith and The Shrew
Ken Gordon in camera.
Gillian Carleton will multitask your ass back to Cat 5.
...and we love Andy.
Ya heard!
Perched upon a rock, Brian fishes for hipsters.
Mr. Smith and The Shrew were the men with the master-plan
 that kept us wigglin' an' jigglin' like gelatin'

Vincent's red boots made it really difficult to figure out which McDermott was  passing him.
Ken Gordon. Stat status.
Trevor Gilbertson mesmerized by the event horizon.
Rumon Carter challenges the notion that flood-pants are less aerodynamic than 'Dukes.
Judging by the 37" long legs, I'm gonna say this is Jenny.
Since I can't see who it is on the other side of her, let's go with... Derek Brain?
When Brian Jarvis (right) races with drop-bars and more than nine gear-inches, he will be a force to be reckoned with.
Even when Matt Barlee loses a sprint, he wins.
Andrew Ferguson
Alex Hui
Trevor Gilbertson
Andrew once told me that it was bike polo jousting that made him so fast;
I think it's actually because of his aero-hands.
Zach Young regales the peloton with debaucherous tales of sleevelessness.
There was a disturbing doppler effect as these two tore past the tent.
Two emcees...and one Jenn-y
Erik Lyon and Mike Morrison: stock-trial racers.
Sebastien, aka...
Mr. Smith
The gnarwhal's adapted tusk continues to confer evolutionary advantage.
Brandon Thompson and Will Maartman
(Tell me this doesn't look like we're both watching two dogs having sex)
Essential elements of the Hotel Grand Pacific Harbour Sprint Series
Another beautiful podium

1st place: Craig Richey
2nd place: Andrew Ferguson
3rd place: Will Maartman

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