Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hotel Grand Pacific Harbour Sprint Series - Round 1 Photos

Matt Barlee straight-up ate the other rider moments before this photo was taken.
Like, actually ate.
The first round of the Hotel Grand Pacific Harbour Sprint Series went down on Friday May 27, 2011, amidst the clamor of the Tour de Victoria.

A huge thanks goes out to Jon Lake for capturing the night's action. Check it out after the jump!

"But, don't you want some more cones over here?"
(This counted as a VIACRA board meeting)
It's like San Francisco, but without the...hills.
It's like someone photoshopped this Inner Harbour backdrop into a Lucky Bar party photo.
The Hotel Grand Pacific went above and beyond to help us make this event happen.
Brian Park behind the lens, before the action.
Jeff Mitchell.
I love this guy.
Dave Shishkoff
Bill is awesome.

Morton Dennis laid it all out on the line...and the women in the crowds lost their fucking minds.
This was Rumon Carter's first day on the black 183rd, but just another day in the daisy dukes.
Halldor Halldor Halldor.
Chaii cranks up the Volume to victory.
The more Cam Smith races, the harder it becomes for local shops to sell drop-bars to fixie kids.
Brandon scans the horizon for the rest of his pants.
Dave Shishkoff and Travis B
Samuel avoids getting cut down by the Claymore.
Marty Machacek was in fine form.
Why would Matt Barlee even bother with a power meter when he can get the same information by simply adding a ">" sign to your data that you posted on Facebook?
Morton Dennis demonstrating the classic "look back"
Although Parker Bloom's 130 lb frame can barely lift the hammer, he can sure drop it.
Gillian and Jenny working the crowd.

Brandon and Brent are probably up to no good.

"Is everything okay down there after that collision?"
 "No, I meant the fence."
Jamie Biluk is a pro downhiller who put us all to shame.
And yes, that is a fucking cast on his right arm.
Adam de Vos answers a challenge at Half-Time.
Mom and son take it to the streets during the Half-Time Challenge
Derek Kidd holdin' it down.
Jamie Biluk took full advantage of the first-round repechage.
David Kennedy
Matt Barlee
Dave Shishkoff

1st place: Matt Barlee
2nd place: Jamie Biluk
3rd place: Dave Shishkoff
This is what a podium should look like.


  1. Like actually ate.

  2. Great photos, f'n MAGIC commentary.

    (Written while - still - wearing the dukes.)


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