Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Harbour Road Sprints vol. 3 - Stud Sprints Results and Photos

Clay inspects'a deck.

On Friday, April 22, we tried a new format for the wildly popular Harbour Road Sprints - poker races. 

The Format:

The ideas behind the poker format were simple: we wanted more racing and less data management.

Juggernaut vs. G-Force
Every two minutes (or so), we started a new race between whomever happened to be at the start line;

Sean Partlow vs. Jamie Reed
 the winner received a playing card.
Brent Larkin and Derek Kidd started the night's racing with class... 
Brent and Derek changed their bikes as often as I change my bar tape.
Derek Brain vs. Dave Shishkoff
Another duck-lips photo on Plenty-of-Cyclists.
Kevin's maiden voyage on his sick new Felt TK3.
Good thing this was poker-format, eh Trevor?

This picture makes me happy.

Bill vs. Derek vs. Trevor
Jay vs. Brent
Ty vs. Nathan.
Clay vs. Milenkovitch
Look at this handsome lot.
More Stuff White People Like.
As it turns out, you can run this fork without any fluid in either the red or blue reservoirs.
Tom's one-footed "fuck-you" to the field.
And...there's Jenny!
Dan, Jenny and Clare.
Photographing Andrew's races always poses depth of field problems.
I am a lot more comfortable when Halldor smiles.
You can tell from his facial expression that it has been about 3 months since he has seen Adele.
Eiry takes pleasure in always holding all the cards.
Vancouver BMX-guy and Ty.
There were as many all-star spectators as racers.
Milenkovitch employs classic misdirection before disappearing to "unplug [his]  iron"
(or some other  non-existent appliance).

Clay vs. Rennys
Here is a sneak-preview of the cover shot for next month's issue of Non-Threatening Race Spectators
 Johnny No-Brakes No-Bike 
Jenny Skinner ftw!
Andy takes Derek at the line.
Jenny ^2
It appears we need to re-evaluate our age-categories.
The problem.

A solution.

A better solution.

Andrew pulls away for another victory.
 Get this guy on the track.

Marty vs. Andy

Which is better? Colin's facial expression or Clay's form?

I love watching Cam and Dave race.
It's like, if this all goes according to plan, we will be left with a Unified Field Theory.
Dave Shishkoff, Derek Brain and Andrew Ferguson power-up on the line.

This format lended itself to a far more relaxed racing environment while allowing more people to get more races under their belts. Based on the feedback that I have gathered, we will be doing this again very soon.

The Results:

Points were awarded based on number of cards won; however, prizes were won by winning hands of 5-card stud at Brickyard Pizza after the race.

These were the night's point leaders:
1. Derek Brain - 9 points
2. Marty Machacek - 8 points
3. Andrew Ferguson - 7 points

Poker prizes were donated by Rennys at Liquor Express, Ron at Brickyard Pizza and Jeff at Capital City Cycles.

Cheating was rampant, but let's just say that all the prizes went to good homes. Thanks for the love!

The Party:

Brickyard Pizza hosted another killer after-party. Thanks guys!
Colin employs the "OSHA cushion" to protect his teeth during overhead lifting.
Marty and his lovely wife.
This was the beautiful moment when we all realized this table was exacting its revenge on the night's leader by drowning him in alcohol. It appears that he wasn't so perceptive at this point.
Beware the peloton: it takes on many shapes.
Steven Grandy took a night off of being run over nonagenarians to razz the competition
(or he simply suffered more severe internal injuries than the police report let on).
Derek overhears: "The sign in the bathroom about washing your hands is just for staff, right?"
Derek's expertise extends far beyond the bike. Here he demonstrates a textbook "one-hander."

A big thanks also goes out to Tanya and Gillian for capturing the night's action on film.

Updated point standings will be posted this weekend. Please let me know if we missed you on this one.

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