Saturday, February 26, 2011


I stayed in San Francisco for about a week while rolling through on a bike tour this summer. Here are some highlights from roaming around the Bay area and getting into bike shit.

Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset

Embarcadero @ the Start of Critical Mass SF

Not the biggest fan of Critical Mass but in SF it's a real part of the city. SF is the birth place of Critical Mass and it shows in the turn out, there was well over 1000 riders at this Critical Mass and it was a pretty damn good time.

My buddy Dave snapped this photo, of me and the ride heading up Market Street, from his bike.

Me holdin' off the authorities.

Big money track frames at Box Dog Bikes

Dirt from Mash's bike locked up at the Zeitgeist
after the Cadence/DVS Launch Party @ PushBike

SF Bike Music Festival

Photos by Clay Webb and Dave Cooke
***Thanks to Kyle Shepard for putting us up in SF and showing us a good time.