Monday, November 23, 2009

Dobermann does Vancouver...kinda.

Hey, first time posting on the stucky life blog, so I'll keep it short.

Derek, Brandon, and I all went to Vancouver the other week, to ride, drink, be douche bags, and in Derek's case pick up some retailers for Dobermann Bikes.

I was supposed to shoot, but from the moment we got there it was clear that it was the usual shore weather and
riding wouldn't be what we had hoped for; this coupled with me being a lazy sack of shit, not a whole lot of shooting got done- in fact no riding shots. We ended up getting a few from the home pad when we finished up riding for the night.

Huge thanks to James at West Point Cycles and Brodie at the crash pad for letting us their pad.

Stay tuned for some bike checks.....I'll get around to it eventually....

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