Friday, September 11, 2009

Warriors Race Report

The Warriors race. Twenty five dollars. Three municipalities. Vague rules governing a dubious crowd of messengers, racers, and recreational hooners.

Racing starts at five. Team Real Ninjas (Think "you guys think you're a bunch of Real Ninjas heh?") met at the Southvan hideout at 2pm for a tactical meeting. Concerns were aired. Several defensive devices were concocted, Ninja style. Sake and sushi in Burnaby, a stop for Jiffy markers and candy and we boarded the Expo line for Surrey Central.
This was just like the movie opener. Stone faced glances at a racer already on the train. "It's all good. Cyrus said nobody packs heat tonight." Layton clutches his cargo pocket.
The race started with an epic rainstorm. Fifteen minutes later we had three stations checked off, an idea of who to watch out for, and two flat tires. We fixed that with new tubes and CO2. Ninja style.
Layton got capped on the next climb. The climb in to Burnaby and the descent into Vancouver went quickly. Manifests were signed at every Skytrain station. The rain stopped, streets were dry by downtown. At Stadium Station we ran into Hooper who's job it was to kill us. He was well suited to this job and killed Kyle after wearing him down chasing him through half of downtown on a Saturday at 8pm. Watching Kyle get taken out was awful. Vengeance cemented our resolve. Ninja style.
Waterfront station had instructions for Kevin and I to race to the PNE for the real finish. We got passed by a team on Hastings street. I made chase, capped one of them on the sidewalk and got wrestled the ground at the feet of the race organizer. We were awarded the position immediately after that team. There were a lot of people there already.
Kevin and I both had intact tags on our seats, no extra tape no dishonor. Strictly Ninja.

Some Photos including the friendliest gang signs ever.

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